Awed and Amazed

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!!"

9:40 July 28, 2009

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Ever have those moments when you know, without any doubt, that God is there? I have heard God speak to me in many ways over the past few months but never like physical contact. This morning Anna and I went out to LCF to say goodbye to the youth group as they left for their week long youth trip. After wishing them well and having my car windows chalked by Steve, Joanna and Grace, I headed out. I jumped on I80 east to Omaha for an interview. The weather was kinda gloomy, traffic was moving, jamming out to 100.7. When I drive I use the time as the perfect opportunity to talk with God and listen for him to speak. Today was no different, I prayed for the youth trip, friends and family, and talked to God about what was on my heart.

 I was finishing up my prayers getting ready to sit and listen when I felt a hand touch my right shoulder and squeeze. I was so surprised, I turned around to look in the back seat (I knew I was the only one in the car) and said, “God are you there?” Funny question, I know, but it was the only thing that I could formulate to come out of my mouth. I just sat there in awe and amazement, I felt MY GOD touch me. At that moment I looked at my clock in the car, it read 9:40am. Even now as I am writing this blog, it still brings a smile to my face and I am still amazed.

 I have had only one other instance that may have been physical presence of God. I happened to be staying at Anna’s house as I was passing through to GI for my internal med rotation. It was the first time I actually really met Casandra, she was the only ABC home at the time; Anna was in Columbus, Rebekah was in Mexico. I remember waking up the next morning to someone kissing my forehead. Whether it was a dream or indeed God, I still remember it vividly and choose to think it was indeed God.

 I have an awesome God.


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