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Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!!"

Women of Faith Wednesday April 8, 2010

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This week’s topic:        If you could become a Women of Faith speaker, what would you talk about?

I find this week’s topic an interesting one. I to this day remember the day committed my life to God. I was in 8th grade attending summer camp at Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp. I had been a camper there since I was in fifth grade and watch the camp change when the new director and his wife came there. I remember the girls that were in my cabin. I remember being shy and afraid that I wouldn’t become their friends. I was wrong, it still amazes me to this day how God works in people. We had an awesome week together as girls, in fact I still take to a few of them to this day off and on. One highlight of camp (to this day it still a highlight and I go time to time) is the mime worship on Thursday night. Seeing the story of Jesus performed by the staff counselors, seeing the story that brought Jesus to the cross and die for ME, I gave my life to him. I remember it distinctly because a guy in  white shirt told to follow my heart and God would lead the way. To this day I still not sure if he was a guest for the night or an angel of God, but I have never forgotten it.

Well that tangent leads me to my answer, if I was a WOF speaker, what would I talk about?

At this same camp where I dedicated my life to God I also served as a counselor for 2 years. I wanted to be there for girls who may or may not have known God and be someone they could talk to about it. I was excited to share God’s word with these young women and see how God would soften their hearts over the week that they were there. I can’t tell you how many times I was called upon to share and meet those girls where they were. I can’t tell you how many times I shared what I had with those girls.

At this season in my life, there are many things I could talk on. Being a physician assistant I am called to discuss tougher topics, that I find are best backed by the word of God. I approach each day that I am in my office with a servant heart, prepared to show my patients God in my actions. If I was a speaker I would talk about how God is reflected in all aspects of my life and then the times He isn’t. I would talk about my struggles I have had and how God lead my down the correct path that ultimately glorified him with my actions. I am single, successful, hard-working 27 who could talk to other young women struggling this season of life with the many obstacles and distractions. I could talk about my struggle on not having a job and praying and trusting in God to provide. I could talk about God using my singleness. With God the possibilities are endless. Everytime that I have been called upon to speak, God has always given me the words.

To answer simply, I have experiences different from others that God will use to share with women who need encouragement.

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One Response to “Women of Faith Wednesday”

  1. Mel C Says:

    It is funny how God works things out for us, and the things we find scary turn out to be the greatest times!

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